Porsche Cayenne Accounts For 44.7% Of Brand’s U.S. Sales

porsche cayenne


Purists are not in favor of the Porsche Cayenne, but what they don’t realize is that its what makes the rest of the line-up up.

We’ve all heard anecdotal evidence of just how important cars like the Cayenne and Panamera are for Porsche’s financial health. Freelance analyst Timothy Cain has done the unenviable task of analyzing the data and his findings show just how important the apostate P-cars are for the company.

Subtracting Cayenne sales for this year from Porsche’s total means that Porsche would have sold 16,045, lower than Porsche’s 2002 sales total (when the Cayenne wasn’t being sold). 20.3 percent of Porsches sold were 911 models, while the Panamera accounted for 24 percent of sales. The Cayman and Boxster made up a mere 5 and 6 percent respectively. Porsche just missed 30,000 units in 2011, but should easily break that this year, thanks to the all new 911 and the dubiously named Panamera GTS.



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