Koenigseggs Agera R

Koenigseggs Agera R

Koenigseggs Agera R

Koenigseggs Agera R
As if your want list of beautifully streamlined, supercharged sports cars was not vast enough, Koenigseggs debuts its 2013 model Agera R. The Swedish sportscar company mocked up the 2013 model with a similar exterior build as its previous year builds, with a few notable changes taking shape via the inclusion of visible carbon panels across the front bonnet and bumper and Aircore wheels. Other improvements have been added to augment the internal performance of the 2013 model including an impressive top speed of 440 km/h (273 mph), acceleration at 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds, and a max torque of 1200 Nm at 4100 rpm. The Koenigseggs Agera R is also the only roadster to feature a detachable and stowable hardtop.

The 2013 Agera R has all the features and functionalities of previous year models, but also features new and unique solutions to enhance performance and visual appearance even further.

Example of these enhancements are; Visible carbon area on the front bonnet and bumper, new front side winglets, revolutionary Aircore carbon fiber wheels, the new Aero exhaust, the increased power and the raised rpm limit.

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Koenigsegg was the first Hypercar manufacturer to take steps toward green technology with the release of the biofuel CCXR in 2007. The Agera R, based on the highly competitive Agera, follows in the footsteps of the CCXR as it also runs on E85 biofuel.

Among many differences to the standard Agera, the Agera R has an upgraded fuel and engine management system with enough flow capacity to generate 1140 hp and 1200 nm of torque on E85 and E100 biofuel. As there is less energy content per given volume in these biofuels compared to normal petrol, the fuel-system has to manage a flow that is similar to a 2000hp petrol engine, which means that the Agera R’s return-less fuel system has the highest capacity of any car presently in production.

As the Agera R is a flexfuel car, it can also be run on normal petrol. As 95 octane fuel has less octane than E85, the power is reduced to 960hp with 1100nm of torque due to the boost pressure and ignition timing being altered to match the fuel characteristics.

In order to give the Agera R maximum flexibility when it comes to power delivery, Koenigsegg has implement the latest technology when it comes to turbo materials and design. This reduces the inertia of the turbine wheel and axle and therefore gives improved response.

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